A practical guide to compiling a portfolio of evidence

  • Liesl Brown
Keywords: Portfolio of Evidence, pharmacy, basic and post basic pharmacist’s assistant, SAQA, portfolio of evidence guidance


Compilation of a portfolio of evidence is a South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) requirement for a learner to be deemed competent. The learning activities should be of such a nature that the learner’s fulfilment of the criteria for being competent are displayed in the contents. For the purposes of this article, the portfolio of evidence will focus on matters pertaining to pharmacy, with special reference to learner basic pharmacist’s assistants and learner post-basic pharmacist’s assistants. This article cannot be seen as the “alpha” and “omega” of guidelines when compiling a portfolio of evidence, but will provide some useful tips when compiling it. Requirements may differ between training providers.

Author Biography

Liesl Brown
BPharm, MSc (Pharm) Cum Laude, PhD (Pharmacology)
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