Travel tips for the elderly - “Around the world the “80’s way”

  • Stephani Schmidt Amayeza Information Services
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“Travelling is considered ‘good medicine’ because it challenges the brain with new and different experiences and environments.” People are living longer and there are a growing number of older people who are still physically and mentally active. According to estimates, the population of people over 60 will be one billion by 2020. Travel is but one of the ways older people can fill their days. Spending time with family or friends (who are situated in other countries) is one of the main reasons for travel. Other reasons for travel include, but are not limited to, curiosity, greater financial freedom or taking a trip down memory lane. Older travellers generally do not take risks. Nonetheless, some may be more adventurous and embark upon adventures such as hiking at altitude or climbing Mount Everest and Mount Kilimanjaro. This article contains a few general points to consider for older travellers and will be focusing on travelling with medications, jet lag and risks of deep venous thrombosis.

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