Supplement use and healthy ageing

  • Roslynn Van Schoor
Keywords: supplement use, healthy ageing


Ageing is the inevitable, biological venture that all humans take part in from the moment they are born. After growth, the body slowly begins its physical and functional decline. There are many theories to explain this phenomenon, but the accumulation of cell damage caused by oxidation and the formation of free radicals appears to be the underlying cause. This brings forth the idea that the effects of ageing may be countered by antioxidants, which happen to exist as vitamins and minerals. There are also certain lifestyle behaviours that one can adopt to promote longevity, such as frequent exercise and healthy eating habits. If one is unable to accumulate sufficient nutrients through dietary measures, supplement use may be beneficial in slowing the effects of ageing. In spite of this, studies show that excessive use of supplements could have a detrimental impact on health.1,2,3