Vaginal discharge in adult women – when to be concerned

  • Jacqueline van Schoor Amayeza Information Centre
Keywords: vaginal discharge


In women of childbearing age, the vagina naturally produces a discharge, which changes consistency at particular times of the menstrual cycle, sometimes being watery and sometimes being thicker, but usually being mucous-like and mostly odourless. It is normal to have about 2 to 5 ml of white or clear vaginal discharge every day. Diet, sexual activity, medication and stress can, however, affect the volume and nature of vaginal discharge. Women who are menopausal normally have minimal vaginal discharge because of their lower levels of oestrogen. Some women may worry about these natural secretions and think that they have an infection. However, some vaginal discharge is normal, unless it occurs with other symptoms, such as itching, burning or an odour.

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Jacqueline van Schoor, Amayeza Information Centre
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