Managing general and exam stress

  • Sumari Davis Amayeza Information Centre
Keywords: general stress, exam stress, management


Stress is a physical, mental or emotional factor that causes bodily or mental tension. It is a normal part of life that can be beneficial by increasing alertness and improving performance, but only if it is short-lived. Excessive or prolonged stress can lead to illness such as heart disease and mental health problems such as anxiety and depression. According to the World Health Organization, between 50% and 80% of all visits to the general practitioner are rooted in a stress-related illness. The experience of stress is highly individualised and what constitutes overwhelming stress for one person may not be perceived as stress by another. Likewise, excess stress can manifest itself in a variety of emotional, behavioural, and even physical symptoms, and the symptoms and intensity of stress vary enormously among different individuals. Stress is related to both external factors (the causes of stress) and internal factors (the body’s ability to handle the stress).

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