Eczema vs Urticaria – not all rashes are equal

  • Sumari Davis Amayeza Information Services
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Although clinically distinctive, urticaria may be confused with other dermatological diseases including eczema. Eczema (also called atopic dermatitis) is a chronic pruritic inflammatory skin disorder that occurs most frequently in children but can also affect adults. Symptoms occur due to skin barrier abnormalities and the main objective of treatment is to improve inflammation and xerosis with emollients and, in some patients, low potency topical corticosteroids. In contrast, urticaria occurs in all age groups and presents as transient, distinct, round or oval lesions and severe pruritis. The goal of treatment is to relieve itching with antihistamines and to manage angioedema (if present). Identification and avoidance of triggers is recommended, where possible, to prevent future recurrences of urticaria.

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