Coping with general and exam stress

  • Jacqueline van Schoor Amayeza Information Centre
Keywords: general stress, exam stress


Stress affects everybody. Some people may notice symptoms of stress building up during demanding times at work or school, when managing their finances or when dealing with challenging relationships.

The origin of stress lies in a primitive response that was necessary for man’s survival – the ‘fight or flight’ response. In prehistoric days, the enemy was a visible, external and dangerous adversary. Today, humans face different adversaries, such as unemployment, bureaucracy, rising costs of living, crime and poverty. Nonetheless, the stress response is the same – setting off a whole chemical and biological cascade that floods the body to anticipate and prepare for action.

Author Biography

Jacqueline van Schoor, Amayeza Information Centre
BSc(Hons), MPharm Amayeza Information Centre
Mental Health