Pre-conception health for women

  • Roslynn Van Schoor
  • Jacky Van Schoor Amayeza Information Services
Keywords: pre-conception health, women


All women can benefit from pre-conception health, whether or not they plan to have a baby one day. One of the best things a woman can do for herself is to take good care of her health. It is natural to think about eating well and exercising as important parts of being healthy before falling pregnant, but there are other factors to consider too, such as alcohol use, smoking and medication use. Some women may have certain medical conditions that need close monitoring or medication changes before pregnancy is contemplated.

Author Biographies

Roslynn Van Schoor

Registered Dietitian

Jacky Van Schoor, Amayeza Information Services

MPharm, BSc(Hons) Pharmacol, Amayeza Information Services

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